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I’ll take a look at any project but these are the primary services I provide


If your site is hosted by a vendor like Wix, GoDaddy or SquareSpace I'm happy to update and optimize it there. For new sites or a site refresh I build on WordPress and host it for you. I like Worpress because there's more flexibility to get you the design you want and I can save you money on recurring hosting costs. I'll make sure configuration is optimized for your business so customers can find you (SEO).


My favorite thing and I know this is very personal so its always an iterative process. I'll work on quick rough designs until we find something that jives with your vision and then it becomes a refinement process before publishing in the formats you need. I use sketches, existing logo ideas and AI to ideate with you. I refine your art using a program called Procreate and another program called Canva for layouts. If you need printed materials like business cards or posters I like to use local printers but can also do it in Canva.

Digital Marketing

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Substack - I work with many services but the trick is growing your list with the right people and targeting your campaigns according to your goals. Watching metrics is the key to make sure you're reaching the right folks and driving the right actions.

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I’m flexible and adapt to how you like to work, but typically we’ll through these steps


Figure out what’s highest priority / best return for you and box it into something we can turn around quickly

High Level Design

Working through drafts and copy and quick visuals to figure out the right building blocks for your solution

Detailed Design

Once we land on the right overall design it’s time for a more detailed design that includes all the scope items. For example if we’re building a site, all the pages will be defined and all the sections blocked out.


It usually takes a few revisions to get to something we’re happy with and then we publish¬†


Anything I build for you I’m happy to keep updated with a tweak here or an update there