I've seen a lot and some I can fix

I'm glad you found me, I hope I can help you out

I started Wirepine a year ago when I moved up to Sonoma County. It's fun and gratifying helping local businesses and nonprofits out with tech solutions that make their lives and businesses better.



I worked in big tech and consulting for over 30 years building complex systems. Customers were a constant - I like working with people and figuring out how I can help them. I built and ran tight, high performing teams. I spent 20 years at Microsoft and my last 5 launching Microsoft Teams, incorporating product feedback from our biggest customers around the world.


I have a Bachelors in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. After a few years building databases in the public sector I went back to the University of Washington for my MBA. You don't sit still when you're in Tech though - I have certifications in a bunch of technology stacks and I like nothing better than figuring out the best way to build something with the latest tech. Like AI.


I like to do and build which is why I started building websites and brands for my customers - it's something every business needs. I also like numbers - the right data can guide how to improve. I really enjoy small business and nonprofits - good people who I didn't have much chance to work with in my corporate career. I get energy from our collaborations.